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Our fresh cut sliced fruit waffles are absolutely delicious and definitely makes a choice healthy desert option for your own taste!..

Lets talk about some health facts about the Potatoes...

Pretty nutrition tuber potato does not contain any fat.

Medium baked potato contains only 100 calories. Thanks to its fibrous nature, it helps digestion.


It contains more vitamin C than apple, pear or quince. It contains more iron than spinach.


With vitamin B6 it contains; it works up an appetite, calms one down and strengthens immunity. Potato is rich in nitric acid and zinc. It is a valuable diet for diarrhea or stomach-intestinal diseases. Boiled potato is a folk remedy given by mothers to their kids who suffer from diarrhea. Brain hemorrhage is reduced by 6% in those who eat potato weighed diets and the capacity of lungs increases and it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. Although it is inexpensive, it has rapidly become a valuable nutrition recognized all around the world.  Every year in America corn, cotton and potato are planted on fields of 15 million hectares in total per year.

Potato contains significant amount of Vitamin C and B, potassium, calcium as well as potato, protein, copper, iron and phosphor.

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